A Year of Thanksgiving

Today is thanksgiving.  But why limit it to one day?

Today I’m going to start a new spiritual practice, inspired by Ryan Holiday’s article Here’s How To Give Thanks—Not Once A Year—But Every Day.

And I’m making a public commitment to do this once a day, every day, for at least the next year.

Right now, I’m grateful for the doubt I have.  I’ve made these kind of commitments before – and failed to live up to them.  Multiple blogs, multiple deletions.  Multiple “I’m gonna do it!”, multiple times not doing it.

But today, I’m going to learn from these failures, and remember that my life restarts each moment, but never from scratch.  I’m reborn with experience from my previous life, and I can use that experience to make this life, and this life, and this life better than the previous one.

Thanks for reading.

Update 1/28/2018: I’ve made a few changes – you can read about them here.




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