Day 46 – Last Jedi Redux

Today I give thanks that I’m not going to see “The Last Jedi” – again.

I’m pretty disappointed this time, but once again wisdom and practicality are going to keep me (us) home.

It’s currently -3 outside with a wind chill of -25.  I’m only now starting to get over what I think qualifies as the worst cold (“cold” doesn’t do it justice) I’ve ever had, my sister in law isn’t completely over it either, and my wife is starting to show signs of having her own battle with it.  There are quite a few things that have to get done around the house after all of this time of inactivity.

It’s a freakin’ movie, man.  I’ll see it.  Or I won’t.  I want to, but not as much as I want to heal, not as much as I want my wife and sister in law to heal, and not as much as I want to get back on track with all of the stuff that’s gotten off track over the past few days.

I’m grateful that I’ve got things in my life that are more important than the latest installment of a space opera.