Day 38 – Working on a Saturday

Today I give thanks that I’m up at 3:56 AM and going in to work for a few hours on a Saturday.

There are so many things to be grateful for here.  I have a job.  They want me there.  I’m getting paid overtime.  Traffic will be outstanding since it’s a Saturday morning.  I’m getting paid overtime for it.  It’s only for a few hours, so I’ll still have most of the day to myself.

What’s not to be thankful for???



Day 26 – Monday Mornings

Today I’m grateful that it’s Monday, and the weekly cycle begins again.

It’s always a little harder on Monday mornings.  My job goes from Monday to Thursday, so after 3 days off it can be difficult to switch gears and get back into work mode.

But it’s not just switching gears.  This job that I have, that I enjoy, that pays the bills, that provides a good service to others, that came out of nowhere and saved us financially – I wouldn’t be going to it if it wasn’t for the financial support it provides.

But that’s life for (most) Americans.  And no matter how much the self-help gurus say that we should just quit our jobs and live our dreams, last time I checked the grocery store doesn’t have “dreams” as one of their payment options.

It was in one of Og Mandino‘s books that I read about how lucky a person is to have a job to go to.  And it’s really true – there are so many people out there who would trade positions with me in a heartbeat.

It’s not even that I don’t want to go – it’s that I don’t want to *have to* go.  No, that’s not quite true – because I can’t imagine a scenario where I would choose to go do what I do for 10 hours.

So there’s something to work on.  I can’t say that I have gratitude for something, that I love the situation it involves, if I’d never choose to participate in it.

This one is going to take some continued work.

But I am grateful for the results I’m going to get in a few days from showing up there last week.


Day 22 – Health Insurance

This morning I’m thankful for how screwy my health insurance company and pharmacy have been since changing prescription plans.

First my wife has to go through a week of them not being able to fill her prescriptions because they can’t get it straight, and now I’m in the middle of “we see that you’re covered but the computer won’t allow us to take the plan” hell.

So what’s there to be grateful for here?  What’s there to love about this situation?

I do know that the doctors/hospitals side of the plan works, because I’ve already had a doctor bill them with no problem.  So if I do get hit by a bus, I’ll be a-ok.  That’s something to be grateful for.

I’m grateful that my wife’s side of the plan is working fine.  Her medical issues are much more serious than mine, and if she didn’t have a working prescription plan we’d really be up shit’s creek (shits creek?  Is the creek owned by shit?   Or is that the name of the creek?)

While the US has one of the most insane health care systems in the world, at least we have one.  That’s something to be grateful for.  Even being worst in the developed world means that you are a part of the developed world.

Probably most of all, this is another opportunity to further develop acceptance, let go of worry and anger, and really work on loving the situation as it is.  And it’s not a “do or die” situation (yet) when it comes to my health, and it probably won’t come to that.  It’ll work itself out, as long as I keep on accepting what I don’t have control over while taking action on those things that I can take action on.


Day 3 – Money Problems

Today I’m thankful for my money problems, because those problems remind me that money is not a need.  Money is an idea.  I need air, food, water, shelter, sleep, meaningful work, clothing, companionship… these kinds of things.  It just happens to be that I was born into and live in a society where the main way that these are obtained are using money.  But I have all of these things in spades.  99% of the things that I think I need I don’t.