Day 10 – Trump

Today I’m thankful that Donald Trump is the President of the United States.

I almost threw up in my mouth a bit while typing that, but since that’s the whole point of this year’s exercise – to learn to be grateful for things that I normally wouldn’t be – I’ll soldier on.

What’s there to be thankful for here?

Victims of sexual assault are finding their voice and saying “No More”.  Racist cockroaches are scurrying out of their crevices so we know where they are and have our cans of Raid at the ready.  The recognition of “Fake News” and seeing how people will continue to call the truth a lie no matter what can be used to develop our critical thinking skills (I don’t have high hopes for that one).

All this shit was around before Trump, and will still be around after him.  Him being president put a spotlight on many of our problems, so let’s use this as an opportunity to grow as human beings.

These are difficult times for many people, and they aren’t going to get better before they get worse.  Strap in, and try to be kind to one another.