Day 53 – Not Enough Sleep

Today I’m grateful for the lack of sleep I got yesterday – the exact opposite of the day before.

I’m grateful for this because it shows me, once again, that what I do matters.  I didn’t sleep well because I didn’t go to bed well – I didn’t do those things before going to bed that help me to fall asleep and to sleep well.



Day 52 – Sleep

Today I’m grateful for the sleep that I got last night.

I’ve always had trouble getting to bed and going to sleep.  Since I’m still a man-child, when evening comes I never want to go to bed, but last night I was able to get myself to work in an evening bookend (as Brian Johnson calls it) and hop in the bed at a decent time.  Of course, I wasn’t perfect about it – I still played on my phone and had the TV on, but I told myself that it didn’t have to be perfect.  And I shut it down at a decent hour, and ended up getting 7-1/2 hours of sleep.  And I’m grateful for the whole process, imperfection and all.