Day 55 – Working

Today I’m grateful that I get to go to work.  It’s not the most glamorous job out there, but it’s a job that’s helping Tracy and I to make it through while she finishes her PhD.  And I’m working on being grateful (and loving!) all of it, even the annoying parts.  Not always easy, but worth it when I can.



Day 42 – Gratitude for Blizzards

Today I give thanks for the blizzard that’s coming our way.

7-10 inches of snow with winds gusting as high as 60-70 mph.  And it’s right in the middle of when I need to be at work.

So there’s a possible snow day coming, but I haven’t been at the job long enough to have accumulated any significant sick or vacation time to use.  And we’re back to worrying about the car again.

But it does mean I’ll get to hunker down with the Mrs. and her sister, enjoying the show from our comfortable, warm apartment.  That’s something to be grateful for.


Day 41 – Back to Work

Today I give thanks that the holidays are over, and it’s back to the daily grind.

Nothing new here – after a few days off my body and mind just don’t want to get back into the swing of things.  They prefer to stay in the groove of the long weekend.  This body at rest would *really* like to stay at rest.

But that’s life.  Movement and rest, movement and rest.  Right now I’m headed into a movement phase.  And for that I’m grateful.


Day 38 – Working on a Saturday

Today I give thanks that I’m up at 3:56 AM and going in to work for a few hours on a Saturday.

There are so many things to be grateful for here.  I have a job.  They want me there.  I’m getting paid overtime.  Traffic will be outstanding since it’s a Saturday morning.  I’m getting paid overtime for it.  It’s only for a few hours, so I’ll still have most of the day to myself.

What’s not to be thankful for???


Day 29 – It’s A Chore

This morning I’m thankful that this is becoming quite the chore… and I’m not even 10% done with the project yet.

I’ve never liked when things become a chore.  I like the excitement and the possibility of things when they are new.  When they start to become actual work, where I have to put any kind of effort into them, I lose interest.

I’m grateful that I know that now, and that I can work with it to continue not only this little “year of thanksgiving” project, but also with any other worthwhile projects I may take on.  Just because I’ve always been one way in the past doesn’t mean that I have to continue to be that way in the future.  Change usually isn’t immediate.  It more often happens slowly, almost imperceptibly, like water running over rock.  Suddenly, almost out of nowhere, you realize that you’ve got the makings of a Grand Canyon.


Day 26 – Monday Mornings

Today I’m grateful that it’s Monday, and the weekly cycle begins again.

It’s always a little harder on Monday mornings.  My job goes from Monday to Thursday, so after 3 days off it can be difficult to switch gears and get back into work mode.

But it’s not just switching gears.  This job that I have, that I enjoy, that pays the bills, that provides a good service to others, that came out of nowhere and saved us financially – I wouldn’t be going to it if it wasn’t for the financial support it provides.

But that’s life for (most) Americans.  And no matter how much the self-help gurus say that we should just quit our jobs and live our dreams, last time I checked the grocery store doesn’t have “dreams” as one of their payment options.

It was in one of Og Mandino‘s books that I read about how lucky a person is to have a job to go to.  And it’s really true – there are so many people out there who would trade positions with me in a heartbeat.

It’s not even that I don’t want to go – it’s that I don’t want to *have to* go.  No, that’s not quite true – because I can’t imagine a scenario where I would choose to go do what I do for 10 hours.

So there’s something to work on.  I can’t say that I have gratitude for something, that I love the situation it involves, if I’d never choose to participate in it.

This one is going to take some continued work.

But I am grateful for the results I’m going to get in a few days from showing up there last week.


Day 16 – Going to Work

This morning I’m grateful that I’m going to work on my day off.

This is another one of those “of *course* I should be grateful” moments, but when they asked me yesterday if I wanted to come in, my first thought was “But muh day off!”  I’d been looking forward to lazing around, catching up on some sleep, and generally being unproductive.

Instead of that, now I get to be of service – to my fellow employees, to my bosses, to my wife, to the people who will be receiving our product, to the people who had a hand in creating our product, to the people who will be using our product to resell it or create new product from it, to my bank account, to the people who will receive the extra money that I’m going to spend because of this…

Yeah, it’s a much better thing that I’m doing than what I was going to do.  As Marcus Aurelius said – I rise to do the work of a human being.